Monday, 31 March 2014

Pronto Pizza

 In 2007 I was fired from Hardman & Son Fruit and Vegetable stall so when I realised they had shut down and replaced by a fabrics stall I decided I could strut my stuff around the market once more. (I’m going to lay it to bed and say I was unfairly fired because the owner’s niece kept turning up late then I had to leave or I’d be late for school).

Chorley Market has always been alright for food with Glovers, Hog Roast, Barbara’s Sweet Stall, Pam’s Cheese stall and the family dynasties of Tyrer and Ball fighting on the fruit & veg front. Yet, it is the newish Pronto Pizza that I’ve been enjoying lately.

Opened before Christmas, the stall serves pasta dishes and pizza (by the slice or 10”). I have only tried the pizza, at £1.50 a slice, and it is the best fast food in the town centre. The pizza is somewhat greasy and the cheese is stringy but this makes it special compared to the standardised pizza from Domino’s and cheap shit from Chorley’s takeaways.

Very tasty and value for money.

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