Monday, 30 December 2013

Venus Supermarket

The Culprit

The layout of Venus Supermarket is a disgrace. But somewhere in this ill-designed shop is a fantastic charcoal cuisine restaurant. The supermarket is renowned around the neighbourhood in Longsight, and those who travel to Upper Brooke Street for the excellent flatbreads that are baked in store and the out of this world selection of ‘fresh’ fruit and vegetables.

Lovely Estate Agents in the Neighbourhood

In my younger days of hard partying & penny pinching I could not justify paying £5 for a kebab, but now I am a head of industry type I am being weighed down with disposable income so I treated myself and Sam Plum(b) (silent B) to a kebab, while Scraniverse tag along Marcus paid for his own.

Chicken Kebab

When you pay the over the average price for a kebab at Venus you can understand why, it’s not the meat – but the smoke! The smokiness of the meat is the standout feature of the kebabs at Venus Supermarket. The kebab comes on one of the baked flatbreads with the usual salads and sauces.

The fries are also nice.

Sanam, Rusholme

Popped into Sanam, Wilmslow Road, for a vegetable samosa on the way for a falafel at 'Falafel'. The samosa was warming, tasty and spicy with garam masala.

In reflection I would have preferred to eaten more at Sanam rather than 'Falafel'. Much recommended considering it only costs 70p (up from 50p to Alex Brown's dislike).