Tuesday, 17 September 2013


I work as a chef in the town centre, so I rarely have a break and the only food I get my hands on all day is a little taste of what ends up on your plate so that I can check if I need to load it up with more cooking salt. But every night I catch the 142/143/42/43/X57 bus home with the rest of Manchester's night people and look forward to jumping off the bus, crossing Wilmslow road and ordering a shawarma or falafel and shoving it down my mouth as quickly as possible on the five minute walk home.

Atlas Shawarma is a tiny takeaway with a kitchen that only serves falafel wraps, chicken shawarma, lamb shawarma and four naans. Despite this it is definitely one of the best shawarma haunts in south Manchester. The shawarma and falafel wraps come with fresh salad of raw white onion, tomato, iceberg lettuce and pickle. Along with the salad they come with hummus, garlic sauce, mint sauce and chilli sauce. The naan is made fresh in house. I usually pile it all on because I want to get every penny out of my £2/2.50 investment.

I was previously wary of the little bloke who works there as he tried scalping me out of a fiver by giving me £2.50 back out of £10 for my shawarma once, and was quite miserable and reluctant to return the proper change. But I rekindled some faith in him after a rude, overweight woman complained spitefully to him about how the shawarma was 'not for me' and it was 'minging' and 'too big'. After a spirited joust, she walked away from it all in a mood and he began joking to me about how gigantic the woman was and how 'many' kebabs would have been 'for her'.

My favourite shawarma takeaway in Manchester with everything on the menu perfected and quickly served to gorge yourself on sober or drunk. Don't be put off just because it is cramped inside because you will only be making a fool of yourself.

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